A Visit to Suzhou Dongshan Town Is a Must This Spring

The spring scenery of the Jiangnan region is always something to look forward to. In the beautiful landscape of Suzhou Dongshan Town, you can find your own "Peach Blossom Land". This spring, a visit to Suzhou Dongshan Town is a must.

A Trip to Luxiang Ancient Village

Luxiang Ancient Village is the hometown of Wang Ao, the prime minister and teacher of the Ming Dynasty literatus Tang Bohu, and it is the best-preserved ancient village around Taihu Lake. Here, there are green mountains, wharfs, deep alleys, and ancient aristocratic families. Walking on the bluestone road of Luxiang, you can find the architectural styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

As you enter the ancient town, the most striking thing is the three towering Ming Dynasty archways on the ancient Zishi Street. The archways for the top scholar, the second scholar, and the third scholar are built one after another, and the buildings are grand.


Secondly, you will be amazed that more than 30 buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties are well-preserved in the ancient town! There are Huihe Hall, Huilao Hall, Huaigu Hall, Huaide Hall, Baojian Hall, Cuihe Hall... Deep alleys, old houses, blue tiles, white walls, a painting of the Ming and Qing dynasties unfolds before your eyes.

Have a Cup of Biluochun Tea

Suzhou Dongshan Town, located on the banks of Taihu Lake and surrounded by water on three sides, is a quiet place where one of the top ten famous teas in China, Dongting Mountain Biluochun, originated. The special geographical condition has created a mild climate in Dongshan Town. In order to make full use of this natural resource, tea farmers have planted Biluochun tea trees and fruit trees alternately. Tea trees like shade, while fruit trees like light, and the tea absorbs the fruit flavor while the fruit is scented with the tea fragrance, creating a unique fruity fragrance of Biluochun tea and an ecological system of coexistence between tea and fruit. In 2020, the Biluochun tea-fruit compound system of Jiangsu Wuzhong was listed in the Chinese Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage List by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

From the Spring Equinox to the Grain Rain is the harvest season of Biluochun tea every year. Tea farmers come to the tea garden at dawn every day to pick the tender Biluochun tea. The thousand-year-old ancient town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters. 500 years ago, the Dongting Business Association brought the culture of Biluochun tea all over China with the "pioneering and mind-liberating" spirit. And today, the people of Dongshan Town will carry on the spirit of their ancestors and convey the message of this unique Biluochun tea to the world.