A Spring Trip in Xuzhou, the City of Landscape and Leisure

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Since the 20th century, Xuzhou has spent much effort improving urban environment and building urban landscape. By 2010, Xuzhou has achieved the top forest coverage rate among all cities of Jiangsu Province, living up to its reputation as “the City of Landscape and Leisure”.

YunlongLake Scenic Area

Located at the south of Xuzhou City, Yunlong Lake Scenic Area mainly consists of Yunlong Lake and Yunlong Mountain. As a large urban park integrating comprehensive functions including sightseeing, leisure, an education, it mainly reflects the culture of the two periods of the Han Dynasty through the historical sites and celebrity relics, etc.

Apricot Blossoms at Hudong Road

Hudong Road, a part of the Yunlong Lake Scenic Area beside the mountains and rivers, is a road of apricot blossoms in March. This lakeside road is famous for its apricot blossoms. Not only that, but there are also winter jasmine, cherry blossoms, and plum blossoms. The poetic Hudong Road decorated by fascinating blooming flowers is a must-go place in spring for tourists who love flowers.

Yunlong Mountain

Yunlong Mountain is a reputable scenic spot in northern Jiangsu Province. It boasts both natural scenery of famous mountains and rivers and the cultural sites with profound history. On the mountain, there is the big stone Buddha of northern Wei Dynasty, the cliff carvings of the Tang and Song Dynasties, the historical sites related to the great writer Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty, Xinghua Temple of Ming Dynasty, the Giant Scholar Rock of the Qing Dynasty, and many other historical and cultural attractions. Yunlong Mountain is definitely a good destination for travelers who have deep feelings for Chinese history and culture.