Awaiting You on the Train to Lishui in Spring

The grass and trees are sprouting, and everything is reviving. Spring has arrived, appreciating plum blossoms, spring outing, strawberry picking etc. should be arranged! Here’s the guide for “spring outing to the suburbs”. Let's take the subway to Lishui and have a wonderful spring experience!

Garden of Dreams

By the Fengqi Mountain in Lishui, Nanjing, there is a village in the name of Garden of Dreams which is hidden from the world and has been nourished by the beautiful green mountains and water for a thousand years. In spring, the tulips in the Garden bloom as if in beauty contest. The golden tulips are the most eye-catching, decorating the Garden that is full of spring colors and making the whole Garden filled with spring vitality.

Wuxiang Mountain

As you walk along the bamboo avenue in Wuxiang Mountain in spring, you may see the greenery and vitality everywhere, and the fragrance of bamboo is in the air that you feel like breathing in the forest. With a cup of spring tea, a garden of spring color, Wu Xiang tea and Fujiabian plum tea etc., Lishui offers you green mountains and green waters as well as good tea. Drinking a cup of warm spring tea, it seems the whole spring is around you.


In Fujiabian, now the plum blossoms on the Meihua Mountain are in full blossom. Jinling’s plum blossoms are the best in the world, and the Lishui plum blossoms are the best in Jinling. As Jiangsu’s only natural view filmed live on "Beautiful China", Meihua Mountain in Fujiabian is the pride of all Lishui people and is a very worthy place to visit.


The spring in Lishui is not only beautifully green, but also brings delicious food. As Qingming Festival is around the corner, Qingtuan is ready for market. It’s green and shiny like jade, and round like a cute glutinous rice ball.