Caoshan Tourist Resort is the Best Spring Holiday Resort in Liyang

Jiangsu Caoshan Tourist Resort is situated at the border of Changzhou and Nanjing, within the Nanjing metropolitan area, with a planned area of 50.85 square kilometers and a core area of 9.02 square kilometers. At the entrance of the Resort, there is the Wawushan Railway Station of Nanjing-Hangzhou High-speed Railway and many road junctions such as Caoshan, Shangxing and Baima of Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway. With excellent transportation advantages, the Resort is about 35 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and Liyang City.

With excellent natural environment, rich cultural heritage and superior location, the Resort builds the tourism brand of "Colorful Caoshan - the Leader of Future Travel and Life" and turns Caoshan into a diversified holiday resort integrating ecological agriculture, sports and leisure, rural culture, conference and exhibition, and wellness and health.

In Caoshan, there are the ecological tourist resorts represented by the idyllic Niumatang Village, national-level field and garden complexes, and there are also high-end leisure resorts such as the future city with high-end conference and exhibition hotels, flowers-surrounded boutique homestays. And you can visit the theme parks of Car Nice and Train Nice to enjoy some family time, or experience the sports and leisure recreations such as mountaineering, riding, fishing, camping, fruit picking, etc., and the Palm Bay Mein Camping is the first choice for a group tour.

In spring, the Resort is like a colorful garden. In mid to late February and early March, you can enjoy plum blossoms at Fangzilin Ecological Park, in March and April, you can enjoy cherry blossoms along the "Cherry Blossom Path” and Ririchun Manor at Wanjiabian Village. In March and April, it’s time for peach blossoms at Beishan Peach Garden; in April, you should come for rape blossoms at Niumatang Village; in April and May, you may appreciate violet orychopragmus at Ririchun Manor. From May to November, you can see the Galsang flower along Highway No. 1.

Please come to Caoshan, listen to the ancient legends of Caoshan and feel the "colorful life" in it!