The Lavender Manor, A Romantic Sea of Purple

The Lavender Manor in Huai’an is a wonderland of blossoming flowers, evocative of the idyllic “Romantic Provence”. A sea of endless purple stretches out as far as the eye can see. The Manor is alive with lavender, verbena, salvia, poppies, sunflowers, hairawn muhly, red maples, crab apples, roses, cherry blossoms, etc. Visitors can walk through the crab apple tunnel, appreciate the beauty of flowers and fruit, or admire the magnificent rose wall and the over-one-kilometer-long cherry blossom forest.

In the season of rebirth, the Lavender Manor offers a kaleidoscope of colorful springtime rapeseed flowers and peach blossoms, with the gentle spring breeze bringing a soothing fragrance. In addition to admiring the picturesque scenery, visitors can enjoy various activities, such as cycling through the blooming fields, playing with adorable pets, exploring parent-child amusement parks, indulging in flower-flavored barbecue, fishing, and picking seasonal fruits. With every step, one can feel the vitality and beauty of spring.