Tulips Bloom Brightly in the Dreamland-like Holland Flower Park

When spring writes poems on the earth, when tulips bloom into patches, when everything is lovely because of spring, the Holland Flower Park in Dafeng, Yancheng also opens the most beautiful scroll. Holland Flower Park is the largest and most diverse tulip park in China, the "No. 1 Tulip Sea in China". As the tulips flower one after another, with the magnificent European-style buildings, the park becomes a place never to be missed in spring.

From April to May every year, more than 30 million tulips compete with each other in a sea of floral beauty on Sun Island and Moon Island that are surrounded by blue water, just like the romantic Keukenhof. As the wind brushes by, the flowering branches sway and the faint scent of flowers fills the air, which becomes the precious memories of flower lovers in the sea of flowers.

Patches and clusters of colorful tulips, and churches with Gothic-style spires, green wooden houses hidden in the flower sea, it’s a park full of exotic charm. The tender flowers stand gracefully erect and pleasing, like an elegant goblet. Over 300 types of tulips all have poetic names like Pink Impression, white judo, Prince Claus, pure gold, Columbus, and Dafeng Tulip etc.

The vivid tulips grow along the hills, drawing delicate curves and painting bright patches of color. Dutch windmills, hot air balloons, white cars and small wooden houses become the most perfect backdrop. These adorable flowers, like flower fairies holding umbrellas, come out from clusters of flowers and mist, as if in Alice's Wonderland.