Intoxicating Plum Blossom Scenery and Early Spring in Yangzhou

The wind is fresh and the day is warm, the ancient city of Yangzhou enters February to welcome the long-awaited spring. The air is full of light fragrance everywhere. Lakeside Plum Forest, Luochun Hall, Xiaojinshan Island ... these attractions in Slender West Lake scenic area will soon embrace the best period to view plum blossoms.

Lakeside Plum Forest

Lakeside Plum Forest is a unique plum blossom viewing site in Yangzhou. It covers the famous spots such as Jingxiang Book House, Stone River and Luochun Hall. In ancient China, there were many literati who loved plum blossoms, and the Jingxiang Book House was built to commemorate a painter "Jin Nong" who loved plum blossoms madly in Qing Dynasty. "Jingxiang" means plum blossom fragrance. Because the plum blossom fragrance lingers around, it shows the nobility and elegance of this book house.

Luochun Hall

Not far to the north after passing by the Jingxiang Book House, patches of plum forests come into view. Brilliantly-colored flowers and fragrance start to meet our senses. The name of this building is Luochun Hall. In front of the hall, there are woods and lakes, and the plum blossoms compete for attention. A wide variety of plum blossoms with beautiful names such as Palace Pink, Green Calyx, Jade Butterfly and Vermilion etc. add colors to the Hall.

Xiaojinshan Island

Xiaojinshan Island is a very famous plum viewing destination in the Slender West Lake, especially the "Plum Blossom Ridge" that since ancient times has been one of the twenty-four scenes of the Slender West Lake. Qianlong Emperor came here in all his six south tours, and each time he left a wonderful story about the plum blossoms. In this time of the year, the wintersweet in the Slender West Lake is in full blossom. The golden flowers sway in breeze to give people a feast of colors. The plum blossom will open soon, bringing in the infinite spring scenery.