Lianyungang was called Yingzhou at the very beginning, and then Donghai in the Qin Dynasty, followed by Haizhou in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. In 1933, Liangyungang port was built. The name "Lianyungang" combines a part from Liandao Island and Yuntai Mountain. Today, Lianyungang is a vital port city in eastern China, and the hub of the Belt and Road Initiative. It is also the birthplace of Journey to the West, one of great classical novels, and has the title of “World’s Capital of Crystal”.

Lianyungang, the reputable city in the East China Sea since ancient times, is endowed with mountains and rich resources of the sea, as well as tourism resource featuring sea, antiquity, legend, tranquility, and wonder. You can enjoy sea bathing, sailing, strolling and fishing on the quiet coast, or visit the lush mountains and forests along with assorted cultural relics and monuments. For example, the No. 1 Scenic Spot of the East China Sea-Mount Huaguo will bring you to the wonderland of Monkey King from Journey to the East. And “Lianyungang Summer” Culture and Tourism Festival has become tourists’ mecca famous nationwide.

In the city gathering mountains, ports and the sea, the best thing is to slow down the pace of life. You can play with sand, look at the sea, and explore the ancient relics. On top of that, the modern and prosperous port areas, coupled with the joy and satisfaction of fishermen in the fishing season all add to the attractiveness of this city.