Taste the Spring of Jiangsu by Plucking Tea, Digging Bamboo Shoots, and Picking Strawberries

Introduction: Apart from flower appreciating and outings, the spring is also a time to explore seasonal delicious ingredients. Visitors can experience and taste the spring of Jiangsu through the following activities.

Plucking Tea – Hufu, Yixing

Yixing, known as Yangxian in ancient times, has been planting tea trees since the Han Dynasty. It is one of the most famous ancient tea areas in China. The Zhuming Xianjing (Bamboo&Tea Fairyland) and Hufu Town in Xizhu Town are nice places for plucking tea. Visitors can harvest the tea, fry it, and then have a nice cup of tea here. Besides, they can also take deep breaths here, as the fresh air from this natural oxygen bar is so healing and refreshing.

Digging Bamboo Shoots – Nanshan Zhuhai  

In March, spring bamboo shoots sprout out in Nanshan Zhuhai, or literally South Mountain Bamboo Sea, at Tianmu Lake. While bringing the joy of new life in spring, the bamboo shoots are also considered fresh and pollution-fee delicious ingredients. Visitors are suggested to go deep into the bamboo forests and dig the fresh bamboo shoots by themselves to embrace the nature and enjoy the fun.

Picking Strawberries –– Fujiabian Strawberry Farm

Fujiabian Strawberry Farm is entitled as “the hometown of strawberries in China”. There are over 10,000 mu of strawberry plantation area, which bears large-size, bright-colored and sweet strawberries. During the springtime, many families with children will come here to have a nice interactive family trip picking the strawberries together.