Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|The Intangible Cultural Heritage Along the Grand Canal

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Exhibition Introduction: The charm flows, the craftsmanship is inherited, and the canal flows with the intangible heritage skills that have lasted for thousands of years. “The Intangible Cultural Heritage Along the Grand Canal” is divided into three parts. The first part is “Flowing Melody ”, where traditional music, opera, and drama from both sides of the canal take turns on stage. The second part is “Beauty of Craftsmanship”, which shows the colorful, exquisite traditional fine arts, such as the printing of New Year’s pictures, the carving of nuclear boats, the needlework of Suzhou embroidery. And inheritors regularly perform traditional fine arts and skills in the central activity area. The third part is “Folklore All Around”, where audiences can appreciate festive folk customs in an immersive audio-visual space and seek the taste of seasons in the cycle of twenty-four solar terms.

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