Over 700 years ago, Marco Polo visited Taizhou, giving the compliment that “the city is not very big, but there are many kinds of earthly happiness."

Taizhou has fostered many talents in literature and arts. Shi Nai’an, author of Water Margin – one of China’s four great classic novels, Zheng Banqiao, master of calligraphy and painting, and Mei Lanfang, master of Beijing Opera with a global reputation, to name just a few. Besides big figures and sages, it also left many cultural legacies to future generations, such as Chongru Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Guangxiao Temple, Anding Academy, Rishe Garden, Wanghai Building, Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum, all embodying the wisdom and legends of the predecessors.

The most worthwhile scenery has to be the Qianduo rape flowers in spring. The sea of light yellow blossoms pleases the eyes in dense mist. The boats sailing back and forth on a lake is a crucial piece of the appealing landscape only watery towns have. In addition, other natural attractions including the ancient ginkgo forest, Qin Lake Wetland, Water Forest, and Tiandehu Park are all wonderful places for leisure and vacation.