Changzhou is a city in southern China with a long history and ancient charm, through which the Grand Canal passes. It sits on a favourable position and is equidistant from Nanjing and Shanghai.

The relic of Yancheng on the south is the most well-preserved ancient city dating back from the Spring and Autumn period. Its special layout of three cities and three rivers is rated as a wonder of the world. On the east stand the Tianning Temple, known as “the best Buddhist temple in the southeast of China”, the Hongmei Pavilion deeply influenced by Taoism, the Yizhou Pavilion repeatedly berthed by Su Dongpo and the Old Museum of Wisteria where the great mind passed away, and the 1500-year-old Wenbi Tower etc. All these historical sites are witnesses of the thriving culture here.

Today, a walk in Changzhou not only lets you experience the elegant cultural atmosphere, but also presents the city’s modernity and fashion. This city of leisure and entertainment is where you can have the best time in the first-class Chinese Dinosaur Park, Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park and Joyland, and see the lively and interesting side of Changzhou. Or you can go to Tianmu Lake Tourist Resort to take a boat and bask in the natural landscape for relaxation. As to food, Changzhou is also an ideal destination for gourmets. If you want to have a taste of Changzhou, you should not miss the traditional pastry and reputable delicacies combining the tastes of the north and south, as well as Tianmu Lake Braised Fish Head in Casserole and hairy crabs from Changdang Lake.