Nanjing is a picturesque city located in the south of the Yangtze River, and served as the “ancient capital of six dynasties as well as the central city of ten dynasties”. It’s the current capital of Jiangsu Province and one of the pivotal cradles of the Chinese civilization, attracting numerous literati and scholars since ancient times.

Nanjing boasts splendid and elegant natural landscapes in all directions. On the east, the verdant Purple Mountain (Zijin Mountain), also known as Zhongshan Mountain, stands high up at a favourable position; on the west, the Yangtze River surges eastward; on the south, the still prosperous Qinhuai River puts on an appealing look as it is lit by the lanterns; on the north, the mist-covered Xuanwu Lake is surrounded by blooming flowers.

Nanjing is endowed with beautiful scenery in all seasons. In spring, you can visit Meihua Mountain in Huashan to enjoy plum blossoms or appreciate cherry blossoms in Jiming Temple; in summer, you can go to Laoshan Forest Park and Qingliangshan Park for a cool summer; in autumn, you can climb the Qixia Mountain to admire the red maples and mount the Mufu Mountain to overlook the Yangtze River; in winter, you can stop at the Confucius Temple to watch the colorful lanterns or take a bath in the hot springs of Tangshan Mountain.

Beyond the superb landscapes, the life here is also worth experiencing. You can taste the salted ducks with thin skin and tender flesh, and take a sip of the refreshing and mellow Yuhua tea while looking at the Yuhua stones featuring picturesque texture. Or you can examine the intangible cultural heritages handed down from ancient times, such as Nanjing Yunjin Brocade, Jinling Buddhist Scripture Printing, Nanjing-style paper-cutting, and Jinling Qin School of guqin art.