In Suzhou, the scene of water running under small bridges is quite common. Because of its rich water resources, Suzhou has been renowned as “the city of water” since ancient times. The Yangtze River, Taihu Lake, Grand Canal, Wusong River and other water systems all crisscross here, nurturing lives for thousands of years, giving people a "paradise on earth", and fostering the sophisticated and exquisite Wu culture, which are all abundant culture heritages for later generations. Nowadays, traditional cultures such as Suzhou gardens, Kunqu Opera, the Grand Canal, Song Brocade and Kesi (silk tapestry) have entered the World Cultural Heritage List, earning Suzhou the honor of “World Heritage City”.

If the south of the Yangtze River is compared to the poetic Shangri-La, Suzhou can be deemed as the “pearl in regions south of the Yangtze River”. As you come to Suzhou, you can see the relics of the ancient city, beautiful gardens, watery towns and antique streets full of historical charm. These picturesque scenes unfold before your eyes just like a scroll of ink painting. If you wish to take a stroll here to relax, maybe you can hear Kunqu opera coming from somewhere, coupled with the soft Suzhou dialect, which may suddenly bring you to the gentle Jiangnan. Here you can feel the history and vitality of a modern city, so why not experience several days of Suzhou-style life?