As the famous poet Li Bai once wrote, "Heading south for Yangzhou in March when flowers are blooming". The verse has been carried down ages ago, leaving people a deep impression that Spring is the best season to visit the city. Indeed, the season of floating catkins and drifting misty rains perfectly suits the grace of Yangzhou. The quiet small town located in the provincial center will not tire you even if traveling on foot.

Yangzhou is also celebrated as the world’s food capital and the cultural capital of East Asia, a proof for its worldwide fame. Included in the first list of national historic cities, Yangzhou has also become one of the candidates for the title of World Heritage City as part of the Maritime Silk Road. On top of that, the Yangzhou section of the Grand Canal has entered in the World Heritage List. In terms of cultural exchange,the city is proud of Master Jianzhen who travelled to Japan as a cultural messenger to found the Vinaya School and devoted all his life to the dissemination of Buddhism.

The city boasts abundant cultural tourism resources as well. You can go to the charming old streets such as Dongguan Street and Dongquanmen to enjoy various local snacks and visit time-honored shops. You can walk the fantastic gardens featuring luxuriant plants like Geyuan Garden and Heyuan Garden. Or you may take a boat on the Slender West Lake, where the breeze will relieve the tiredness of journey.

But the least thing you would like to miss in Yangzhou is the morning tea. Order a pot of tea, a portion of three-dice buns, a steamer of vegetable Shaomai, or a piece of thousand-layer cake and then spend a leisurely morning to start a day. It surely will be an unforgettable memory of the trip.