Perhaps many people have heard the song“Wuxi Traveler” performed by the Japanese singer Daisaku Ogata. In this song, Wuxi, the so-called “Pearl of Taihu Lake”, is described as a melodious watery city surrounded by sparkling waters.

Wuxi is situated in the south of Jiangsu, endowed with a superior geographical location and gorgeous natural scenery. It is also one of the historic cities in China. Local people are nurtured by Taihu Lake that also offers unique delicacies. “Taihu Three Whites” is a specialty you must not miss, which refers to white shrimps, whitebait, and whitefish. Wuxi Sauced Sparerib is a goody loved by the Japanese. Other legendary local delicacies include fried gluten puffs, honey peaches, Mashan waxberry, Wuxi steamed buns, Gongbeilou plain noodles, Jufengyuan bean curd jelly, all waiting for you to try.

Wuxi brims with architectural beauty and waterscape. Here you can see the picturesque Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, beautiful Yuantouzhu with blooming cherry blossoms in spring, the peaceful Lingshan Mountain and the Huishan Ancient Town, as well as the recently-built film and television base with scenes of the Three Kingdoms period and Tang Dynasty. As written in Su Shi’s poem, “The River and the mountains make a vivid picture—What a host of heroes once were!” Sitting on the ancient warship wandering among the misty waves of Taihu Lake, you can see cherry petals falling like snow. The sightseeing of mountains and river also serves an impressive way of learning the ancient legends throughout the Chinese history.