Great Experiences Inspired by Nanjing Winter Travel Plans

Are you planning a special winter travel? Start a surprising journey of discovery in the ancient city of Nanjing. You will find the tranquility, profoundness, modesty and warm of the city in winter.

Migratory Bird Watching at Shijiu Lake

The beautiful Shishu Lake is clear and boundless like a "mirror of the sky". It reflects the blue sky, merging the water and sky. In winter, this place is filled with romance. Black-faced spoonbills, oriental white storks, white spoonbills, egrets, white storks, wild ducks, and tundra swans all arrive one after another, filling the cold Shishu Lake with life.


Appreciating Plum Blossom at Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Meihua Mountain of Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties has the reputation of the "Number One Plum Blossom Hill in the World", which is the best in terms of the history of plum cultivation, varieties, scale, quantity and rich natural and cultural heritage. There are many precious varieties, such as " Gongfen Prunus Mume", " Longyou Prunus Mume", " Lü'e Prunus Mume", etc. The most precious one is "Biejiaowanshui", which is the "treasure of the mountain". From February to March every year, the Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival is held in Meihua Mountain, attracting tourists from all over the world to enjoy the plum blossoms. At its height, there are more than 100,000 visitors every day.


Qinhuai River Lantern Festival

The romance of winter in Nanjing is also hidden in the delicate lanterns. Come to Nanjing, make your own lantern, and enjoy the Qinhuai River Lantern Festival that is filled with New Year festive vibe. At the Nanjing Folklore Museum (Gan Xi's former residence), you can learn to make rabbit lanterns, lotus lanterns and other colorful lanterns from the masters of intangible cultural heritage, and appreciate the craftsmanship passed down for thousands of years. At night, you may carry your own lanterns and stroll along the Qinhuai River or the ancient city wall to experience the "world's best lantern festival". Various kinds of lanterns hang high in the sky, and many dazzling folk activities are held. With the colorful lighting and crowds of people, the festival is magnificently illuminated with brilliant lights and fireworks and is full festive vibes.