Jiangsu Province Unveils Exciting Activities on "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” 2023


On June 10, the "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” 2023, the launching ceremony of 2023 "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" Series of Activities and Charm of Jiangsu-Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival” was held in Dongtai Xixi Tourism and Culture Scenic Area. These events are sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau), Yancheng City People's Government. During this year's Heritage Day, 1,041 promotional and exhibition activities will be held online and offline throughout Jiangsu Province, including 607 intangible cultural heritage activities and 434 cultural relics activities. At the event site, 50 activities for each of intangible cultural heritage category and cultural relics category were announced as the key activities for publicity and exhibition.


The second batch of unlimited space for intangible cultural heritage demonstration projects in Jiangsu Province were announced and awarded at the event site; 12 projects such as "Intangible Cultural Heritage in Nanjing Xi’nanli Historical and Cultural Blocks" were selected, and 5 projects such as "Intangible Cultural Heritage in Xuzhou Cultural Expo Park Cultural District" were selected as incubation project. The 20 "Charm of Jiangsu" Intangible Cultural Heritage Boutique Tour Routes were officially announced, which lead tourists to appreciate and experience interactively the scenic spots, ancient cities and towns, ancient streets and villages in Jiangsu, as well as the performances, cultural creations and great food of intangible cultural heritage. Actively exploring the protection of cultural heritage, at the event site Jiangsu used the "Jiangsu mode” to start publicity of the best cultural heritages on new media, and showed the cases of high-quality development of cultural heritage protection.



Meanwhile, the 2023 "Charm of Jiangsu-Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival" is also held from June 10 to 12. The Festival mainly features intangible cultural heritage workshops, time-honored brands, and invites 85 representative projects and 3,892 products of intangible cultural heritage from the best intangible cultural heritage projects and rural revitalization projects in regions and cities throughout the province and the Yangtze River Delta, as well as the achievements of the research and training programs. Offline sales platforms are built and six dedicated sections for traditional crafts, intangible cultural heritage workshops, intangible cultural heritage-related food, intangible cultural heritage in the Yangtze River Delta, traditional tea-making techniques, research and training programs are set up, together with two classes of intangible cultural heritage, in an attempt to create a popular and pleasant intangible cultural heritage shopping festival and food festival, so that tourists can share the intangible cultural heritage experience throughout the trip and let the intangible cultural heritage shine. In the meantime, through giving out consumption vouchers, joint promotions, live commerce, innovative cultural consumption scenarios etc., the Festival helps cultural tourism, boosts market confidence, and constantly meets the growing needs of the people for a better life.



During the Heritage Day, "a Better Life with Cultural Relics" Picture Exhibition, "Tea and the World, Shared Intangible Cultural Heritage” promotional display at Jiangsu branch venue, the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the "Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage” and other important activities were held. These activities publicized the new achievements and progress in the protection and use of cultural heritage, and allowed the collection of cultural relics in museums, the cultural heritages distributed in this vast province, and contents written in the ancient texts to come alive, continue the history, and write a modern chapter.