My Travel Diary--a Call for Work Contribution


To fully implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, and the spirit of the Provincial Party Committee’s economic work conference and the provincial government's "Several Policies and Measures to Promote the Overall Improvement in Economic Performance", the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism organizes the themed campaign of "Travel Jiangsu according to Seasons", starts "My Travel Diary" column and solicits works, topics and runs contests related to "My Travel Diary" on all the media platforms of "Charm of Jiangsu”. Travel enthusiasts from various regions, industries and circles throughout the province are invited to contribute online their works with themes of beautiful scenery, beautiful culture, beautiful cuisine, beautiful life and beautiful discovery. By vividly telling the story of Jiangsu, showing the province's cultural tourism image of stunning landscape, profound culture and great taste, promoting the cultural tourism industry and product upgrades, stimulating the potential of the cultural tourism market, we hope to touch more viewers aesthetically, and give them the urge to travel. 

I. Work Submission Time

March 21, 2023 - December 15, 2023

II. Rules of Submission

Everyone is invited to share his or her travel diaries, such as travel photos and videos taken in Jiangsu, and upload them to any of the platforms including Douyin, Bilibili, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, with the topic #My Travel Diary, which will be appraised every quarter and the excellent works will be displayed on all the media platforms of "Charm of Jiangsu”.

1. Douyin users: follow the "Charm of Jiangsu" Douyin account, publish short videos with the specified topic #My Travel Diary, and @Charm of Jiangsu.

2. Bilibili content creators: follow the "Charm of Jiangsu" Bilibili account, publish short videos with the specified topic #My Travel Diary.

3. Weibo users: follow the Weibo accounts "Charm of Jiangsu" and Jiangsu Travel(江苏微旅游), publish pictures or short videos with the specified topic #My Travel Diary, and @Charm of Jiangsu and @Jiangsu Travel(江苏微旅游).

4. Xiaohongshu users: follow the "Charm of Jiangsu" Xiaohongshu account, publish pictures or short videos with the specified topic #My Travel Diary.

III. Work Requirements

1. Create works in the form of travel tips and video etc. Focus on what you see, hear and feel during your trip to Jiangsu, use the camera to record the beautiful scenery and things, popular routes, creative ways to play, travel stories, travel experience, etc., and diverse forms and styles of expression are encouraged.

2. No commercial advertisement is allowed in the works.

3. The works shall not violate national laws and regulations and related provisions. And the works must be original and not a duplicate of content used in any other contests, and must not infringe the copyright, portrait rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others. If any such violation is found, the candidate will be immediately disqualified, and shall bear legal liability.

4. Once the work is submitted, the right to use and modify such work is transferred to the organizer and will not be returned.

5. The copyright of the works submitted is protected by Chinese laws. The organizer has the right to provide such work to the media for publication, display, online promotion and other non-commercial use.

6. The traffic of the video works participating in the contest, including the number of views, likes, comments, reposts, etc. must be actual traffic, any malicious competition is strictly prohibited, which will be monitored by the backend data software. If any fake traffic is found, the candidate will be disqualified, and we reserve the right to hold the violator liable.

7. This contest does not charge any fees, the right of final interpretation solely belongs to the organizer.

IV. Awards

In May, August, November and the last week of January of the next year, the works collected from each platform will be appraised. The number of awards will not be predetermined, but instead depending on the quality of the works and the popularity on the network in that quarter. The authors of the best works have the opportunity to sign a contract with the "Charm of Jiangsu" new media platform to become an invited traveler in "My Travel Diary". We offer two categories of awards:

Best Traveler Award and Most Popular Travel Diary Award

V. Selection and Display

1. The online selection will rank the works according to the popularity that is shown by the traffic data of the works, and the top 10 works from each platform will be selected to the expert review stage.

2. Experts will be invited to form a panel of cultural tourism experts to rate the selected works comprehensively, and the winners will be determined based on the overall score. The organizer then will publicly announce the winning works and the winner list.

3. The winning works will be published on the "Charm of Jiangsu" media platform for display.