The Flower Fields Are in Full Bloom, and Taizhou Sends You the Spring’s Invitation


As the world warms up in spring, all lives wake up in the pleasant weather. Spring is a poetic and beautiful season in which one of the world's four major flower seas, the Qianduo Flower Sea, bursts into bloom. Nourished with clear water, the golden rapeseed flowers, and thousands of fields and flower islands are a magnificent sight. Spring is also the most beautiful season in Taizhou, the season with the most festivals that are the largest and the most popular in the year.

With fascinating flowers and scenery, Taizhou sends you the spring's invitation, welcoming you to the painting-like city. On March 23, the 13th Taizhou International Tourism Festival will be opened in Xinghua Qianduo Scenic Area, and the opening ceremony of Xinghua Qianduo Rape Flower Tourism Festival will be held at the same time. For over a month, Taizhou will hold the Qintong Boat Festival in Jiangyan District, Diaohualou Food Festival and more than 40 spring events. During the Xinghua Qianduo Rape Flower Tourism Festival, Jiangsu Province Rural Tourism Festival, the "Duoshang Reading Festival", Xinghua Cooking Competition and many other activities will also be held. Visitors from home and abroad are invited to the Qintong Boat Festival, enjoy the Qianduo Flower Sea, taste the Taizhou morning tea, explore the culture and history, feel the colorful charm of Taizhou in these wonderful festivals, and experience the leisurely life in the water city in spring.

Taizhou, one of the major cities in Yangtze River Delta, has been known as "the hub of water and land transport, the throat of Yangtze River" since ancient times, and also famous for "the Confucianism most prevalent in Huainan". 700 years ago, the renowned Italian traveler Marco Polo, who visited Taizhou, praised that "The city is not very big, but there are many kinds of earthly happiness". Throughout the ages, the development of Taizhou city has always continued the gene of earthly happiness, and has been full of life. It is a pleasant city to live and travel in.

The natural beauty here is infinite, boating in the Zhen Lake, staying in the Qianduo Flower Sea, walking in the Lizhong Water Forest, living in the water-surrounded Dongluo Village while enjoying the sunrise and sunset, there is always a happy and leisurely moment to remember. With the ancient culture and modern culture intertwined, the warmth of the years is everywhere when shopping in the old streets, walking the gardens, listening to the Peking Opera, watching the Qintong Boat Festival. Delicious food keeps coming for four seasons, you can “taste puffer fish while enjoying flower sea in spring, savor the eight great dishes on a night tour in summer, relish crabs when strolling in a wetland in autumn, enjoy soup-filled buns while bathing in a hot spring in winter". You might as well start a happy day with the morning tea ceremony. The visit to Taizhou will immerse you in the city's story of happiness and experience the slow life of Taizhou.