Charm of Jiangsu’s Dialogue with the world | Debut in MITM Travel Fair


The 2023 Malaysia International Tourism Mart (MITM) Travel Fair was held in Hsin Shan, the capital of Johor, Malaysia from March 3 to 5. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism participated in the exhibition for the first time through Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore and Malaysia) Promotion Center, with the Jiangsu Grand Canal themed pavilion fully displaying the wonderful beauty and cultural landscape of Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal. The brilliantly-designed pavilion and dazzling exhibits attracted a large number of visitors and exhibitors to learn about the beautiful scenery and profound historical heritage of the Grand Canal flowing through eight cities in Jiangsu Province. The Jiangsu Grand Canal themed pavilion also kindly displayed the itinerary recommendation on the exhibition board, and the visitors and exhibitors carefully studied and planned their future trips to Jiangsu. The well-designed Hanfu (Traditional Chinese Costume) popular photo spot and the Wheel of Fortune for Jiangsu Knowledge prize quiz area attracted a large number of visitors to stop by, and the unique Jiangsu brochures and exquisite souvenirs became the "favorite". Always be filled with visitors and exhibitors, the Jiangsu Grand Canal themed pavilion has attracted the most attention for this year’s fair. The Jiangsu Tourism (Singapore and Malaysia) Promotion Center conducted a questionnaire survey covering more than 200 exhibitors and visitors. Most of the respondents said that the exhibition greatly improved their understanding of Jiangsu, and they eagerly looked forward to traveling to Jiangsu to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the savory food.

As the tourism is gradually recovering, this travel fair has attracted many visitors to consult on and buy a variety of tourism supporting products, exhibitors made a very well selling.

The Jiangsu exhibition was fully supported by the China Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to sponsoring many exquisite gifts for the Wheel of Fortune game, Ms. Huang Yanlan, Assistant Director of the cultural center presented to support the Jiangsu exhibition, also showcased some winning works of the "Beautiful China·Charm Jiangsu" themed Exhibition on Sister Cities Painting by Chinese and Malaysian youth held recently.