Online Exhibition and Tourism, Cultural Tourism Activities Provincewide Showcase the "Charm of Jiangsu" during the "Two Festivals".


As the Spring Festival 2023 is round the corner, to create a festive and joyful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, together with departments of culture and tourism at all levels, has launched nearly 4,000 Chinese New Year cultural and tourism activities, including 146 key activities.

On-line exhibitions and performances, displays and broadcasts, etc. are brilliant. At the Nanjing Municipal Museum in Chaotian Palace, the special exhibition of “Millennium Capital and Model City – 40 Years of Protection of the Historical and Cultural Nanjing City" is open to the public. Click to browse the online showrooms, see how the landscape and city tell the culture story thousands of years long, meet the 5,000-year-old pottery faces of "Nanjing ancestor", feel the happiness and sorrow of the ancestors through their expressions on the human-face tiles in the Six Dynasties, and see the “craftsmanship” in the Nanjing city wall bricks excavated from the Ming Dynasty official kiln site with signatures of the craftsmen. Meanwhile, four new exhibitions from Nanjing Museum Administration, namely music culture exhibition, carving art exhibition, sports exhibition of intangible cultural heritage, literary works exhibition are held online, why not take the online tour first.

This year, Wuxi City and Lianyungang City take joint effort in north-south art display. As the New Year is approaching, the two cities’ literary and artistic professionals team up to launch "hand in hand to the future" Wuxi - Lianyungang mass culture and artwork exchange between the two cities, they combine the local culture and history, landscape, development and other creative elements to release over 50 pieces of outstanding art works and showcase the new "strong, rich, beautiful and civilized" Jiangsu.

The Grand Canal is a natural channel for regional cultural exchange. As one of the tour exhibition projects for 2022 best collection by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau,

"Jade and Red Porcelain Tea Set- Nanjing Museum Collection Yixing Red Porcelain Exhibition" comes to Huai'an and receives a lot of attention. Even through the screen, the luster of "jade and red porcelain tea set", the detailed display of the finest exhibits, and the beauty of tea set are still amazing.

Under the current epidemic, the Tang people's boldness and openness, optimism and romance are like a "morale booster". The exhibition "Happy Living in Chang'an - The Life of Chang'an People in the Tang Dynasty" held at Changzhou Museum is centered on the clothing, utensils, food, travel and entertainment of people in the capital of the Tang Dynasty, displaying their daily life in Chang'an comprehensively. From the everyday life of the prosperous China, you can feel the cultural vitality of the Chinese nation that lasts forever.

The winter will eventually end, and spring will come soon. May this cultural tourism feast, full of the "Charm of Jiangsu", inject infinite energy and vitality into your new year.