Conference on High-Quality Development of Nanjing Museum Held to Start a New Journey From the 90th Anniversary


To celebrate the great Chinese nation and its thousands of years of civilization, the Conference on High-Quality Development of Nanjing Museum, sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and organized by Nanjing Museum, was successfully held on November 6.


In order to further deepen international exchanges and cooperation, and actively establish more cultural exchange channels and platforms, continue to promote the "Charm of Jiangsu" brand through dialogue, tell an exciting Chinese story, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Museum Victoria from Australia, the Kyushu National Museum from Japan, representatives from the Nanjing Museum signed the Memorandum of International Museum Cooperation to promote exchanges of personnel, exhibitions, exhibits and programs, share curatorial experience, preservation of cultural relics, technical and management experience, and establish a long-term cooperation mechanism.


On its 90th anniversary, the Nanjing Museum prepared a series of cultural feasts for the public. The special exhibition "An Epic of Chinese Jade for 10,000 Years" brings together more than 600 pieces (sets) of top jade artworks from the most valuable collections of over 40 domestic archaeological, cultural and museum institutions. The exhibition took more than two years of careful planning. By comprehensively sorting out the history from "jade ware" to "jade culture" to "jade civilization", it vividly displays how jade artifacts, which embody the beauty of mountains and rivers and are cut and polished to perfection, have become the most suitable artifacts for presenting and interpreting the five outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization.


The special exhibition "Blossom and Harvest in the Ninety Years: the Valuable Collections of Nanjing Museum 1933-2033" launched in the same time takes the 90-year history of the museum as the timeline, and the collection of more than 400,000 artifacts as an outline, to display the collection’s preciousness, characteristics and diversity in different historical periods. It’s like a long picture scroll shining in the development of the country and nation’s rejuvenation.