Let’s Go and Discover! “The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know" Is On Air


Jointly produced by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism together with Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, the large integrated-media program “The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know” is on air recently.

On the night of the broadcast, the audience measurement ranked top three nationwide. The topic “How did the ancients hide their secret money” ranked top 2 on the real-time microblog hot search list, top 30 on the entertainment topic list, top 40 on the video list, and the main topic “The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know” and its derivative topics totaled more than 5 million views.


Zhenze Town


Tongli Town

The total views on various short video platforms exceeded 6 million, in addition to online broadcasting, the provincial radio and television media, "Charm of Jiangsu" all-media platforms started streaming on the network, the number of viewers was over one million, and the viewers were enthusiastic. In addition, Guangming Daily website, China Youth Daily website, www.ynet.com and other state media also broadcast or recommended the program at the same time.


Zaohe Town


Yaowan Town

The first season of "The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know” is themed on the eight characteristic towns in Jiangsu Province, namely Zhenze Town, Tongli Town, Zaohe Town, Yaowan Town, Bencha Town, Dingshu Town, Daibu Town and Liandao Town. The program combines documentary and reality TV show, with a total of eight episodes of 45 minutes each. Through exquisite images and vivid presentation, it fully shows the ecological and natural beauty of Jiangsu which is endowed with rivers, lakes and seas.


Bencha Town

Led by the famous host Meng Fei, the program invites cultural celebrities and joins hands with cultural and tourism experts as well as outstanding youth representatives from all over the province to form the "Charm of Jiangsu Exploration Team". The team goes deep into the towns and learns their customs. Through the discovery of Jiangsu's cultural and tourism resources, the team unveils the deeper cultural connotation behind local culture. In the journey into the unknown, the program presents in depth Jiangsu's long history and profound culture that you don't know.


Dingshu Town

As an in-depth discovery program on cultural tourism, "The Charm of Jiangsu You Don't Know" presents the best tourist attractions of these small towns, takes the viewers and tourists to experience the local features and shows the natural scenery, so that the viewers and tourists are impressed aesthetically. On the other hand, the program emphasizes the presentation of cultural knowledge, and invites Gong Liang, honorary curator of the Nanjing Museum, as the chief consultant. It also combines the opinions of cultural celebrities such as Chen Ming and Zhou Qi, professor of Southeast University, to comprehensively sort out the cultural lineage of Jiangsu Province from different perspectives, and takes the things that are widely known in these towns as an example, such as silk, a cultural relic and a fishing gear, to reveal the historical and cultural connotation behind them. Therefore, the viewers can learn the cultural stories and historical knowledge that they don't know as well as the cultural value of the towns and generate the urge to travel.


Daibu Town

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of multi-faceted integrated promotion, the program, from the position of viewers and tourists, creates a special section in all the provincial broadcasting media to offer the same travel tips that the guests on the program also follow when the program was produced and is on air. It also collaborates with all the "Charm of Jiangsu” media platforms, presenting a lot of fascinating and interesting behind-the-scenes footage and short videos to show the stories behind the filming of the program, and enhance the viewers' interest in solving the “mystery” and interactive experience.