Xuyi International Lobster Festival


“China Xuyi International Lobster Festival” is a traditional festival held regularly each year since the first lobster festival was held in July 2000 by Jiangsu Province Xuyi County People’s Government.

During the festival, visitors may taste characteristic lobster, experience the local cultural activity, appreciate folk art performance and enjoy natural landscape etc.

In 2019 Xuyi receives The 19th China Xuyi International Lobster Festival. With a development of nearly 20 years and by rich activities in multiple manners, Xuyi International Lobster Festival has been held by linking many countries and places for the purpose of promoting lobster culture to the world.

This year, the festival sponsor will hold classic activities of high participation by common people including Stand High and Look Far — Large Evening Party, Thousands of People’s Lobster Banquet Cate Week and “Xuyi Lobster” Cooking Contest etc. , and arrange featured activities including the lobster music drama, the lion fight football challenge, and the self-driving tour for seeking taste in Xuyi etc.; through the programs including the song and dance Duliang Ancient Charm, Boat Songs at Huaishang, the technical dance Over Waves, the innovative show of intangible cultural heritage and localism talking and singing Beat Lobster etc., all the activities will make visitors have a taste of the culture and history of Xuyi Grand Canal and Ancient Sizhou City and present a feast of cate, a great event of culture and a grand ceremony for economy and trade.