Good To Make Preserved Meat in Light Snow


The Light Snow Solar Term, as a traditional Chinese lunar calendar, is different from the meaning of “light snow” in weather report. It is a climate concept and represents the climate characteristics during the Light Snow Solar Term. After the beginning of winter, the temperature gradually decreased, so people felt the chill and added more clothes to keep warm.

There is a saying in the folk village: In the custom of “producing preserved meat in winter to resist the cold weather,” people will have a sense of ritual when making preserved meat and pickles in winter. It is like a time capsule and a magic to make winter more comfortable. With the dramatic temperature drop after the light snow, the air has become drier. When processing cured meat, every family begins to pickle and air dry various vegetables, such as cabbage, radish, chicken, duck, fish, etc., thereby extending the storage time of vegetables and meat for winter food. These well prepared salty foods can be taken out as new year goods when approaching New Year’s Day, which gradually becomes a local custom.