International Museum Day


“May 18” is the International Museum Day. This year, the “International Museum Day” is being held in the Nanjing Museum in China’s main venue. During the International Museum Day of 2020, the museums in Nanjing connected with each other to launch six key themes such as “Viewing Nanjing, Eulogizing Heroes, Reading History, Appreciating Intangible Cultural Heritage, Enjoying Art, Cloud Exhibition”, centering on the theme of “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, a total of 74 wonderful activities has been held.

Not only had the series activities displayed the Nanjing characteristics, but also showed the Diversity and Inclusion, for example, the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Museum will hold the theme party activity of “Zhongshan Museum Cluster Wondrous Night”, and start the mysterious journey; Imperial Examination Museum of China in Nanjing will carry out the experiential activity of “Reminiscent of Original Outlook- I’m Fixing the Porcelain in Imperial Examination Museum of China”; The Jiangsu “Four Revolutionary Spirits” Large Exhibition will be held in Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery by Yuhuatai Martyr Memorial Hall, Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, Huaihai Battle Memorial Hall, which is a spiritual feast for the audience.

In addition, Cloud Exhibition is also an important way of interacting between museum and the audience. The audience could obtain the information such as museum introduction, exhibitions forecast through the public account homepage of “Nanjing Cultural Tourism”, they also could watch the live online and participate in the online interaction. It is understood that there are 15 museums in Nanjing City launched 21 online activities this time.