2020 Suzhou Amusement Land 22nd International Beer Festival


On the evening of July 18, accompanying with the magnificent stage lighting, the opening ceremony of Suzhou Amusement Land’s 22nd International Beer Festival kicked off. This year, many wonderful summer activities had been carefully planned during this Beer Festival. From July 18 to August 2, enjoying 16 days of Extreme Summer Night Revelry!

This activity mainly can be divided into 6 major Beer Festival Venues Youth Trends, 5 major Hi Beer Pubs Drunk Waves in Suzhou, over 20 Night Revelry Projects, 6600 m2 of New Opening Ice and Snow Kingdoms. 2 major Favorite Items in Treasure Collection Garden, 4 major Forest Night Performing Arts Shows, 4 major Wild Night Scenes Flashing Punching Cards, and there too many things to see the 3 major Sea Beer Themes on Sunday……

Come and unlock the new approach of Beer Festival FUN wave, enjoy the carnival of early summer, experience the extreme happiness!

Location: No. 99, Xiangshan Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou