Changzhou Banshan Books


If there is a heaven in world, it must be like a library; If the soul of a city lies with the bookstores, then come to see the Banshan Books, the soul of Changzhou City, you’ll surely love it.

In the warm atmosphere of industrial civilization, one can feel a strong book fragrance, appreciate the iron art of red bricks, the floor-to-ceiling glass, and the space of spring layer. This book store is remarkable for its fresh and alive atmosphere. From the 14th floor to the 16th floor, always can you feel a warm fragrance of books. A 12-meter-high Banshan Books’ wall spanning three floors is decorated with warm wood brown. There are nearly ten thousand books in the cool book wall, which generates in people a sense of awe when looking up the wall!

There are 36 study rooms, and the viewers should purchase the two-hour private room voucher for RMB 50 on the 15th floor. In Changzhou Books, one can enjoy the tranquility with a good reading space, if you are worried about the disturbance of tourists, you might as well book a room with a cup of coffee to enjoy your reading in the afternoon leisure time alone, and many students choose to discuss and do homework here. There are many elements worth viewing, including ceramic process, handmade ornaments, plants and flowers, and aesthetic space, which have turned it into a bookstore, but not merely a bookstore.