At the beginning of the 12th Nanjing Tangshan hot spring cultural sightseeing season, the "earth art show" was released in the mining park


In the beautiful autumn, it's the season of hot springs. The 12th Tangshan hot spring cultural sightseeing season with the theme of "everyone enjoys hot springs in Tangshan" will begin on October 17 and last for one and a half months.
In this hot spring season, you can experience 15 theme activities. Cultural tourism enterprises in the tourist resort cooperate with Yangshan monument scenic spot (Ming Cultural Village), Ziqing Lake scenic spot, Tangshan Mining Park, Jinwu hot spring park, Jinling Mahui, Tangshan longshangman Valley and other scenic spots to hold a series of wonderful cultural and tourism activities and plan to carry out a series of colorful and unique leisure activities. On October 31, the opening ceremony of the earth art show will be held in the Da'ao theater of Tangshan Mining Park. The 376 meter round rock has become the original "curved screen". The world's first live action film about mines will be made public for the first time. In the unique "movie theater of mountains", the light show discloses the film about the earth, from looking for the "beauty of the earth" to exploring the "origin of life", and from understanding the "respect for nature", which shows the profound significance of the harmonious development between man and nature and gives tourists visual stimulation.