Opening of the first Xiangcheng international culture and art activity month


Let's take a look at 4 themes and 16 activities
On September 15, "Gusu 8:30 ・ Xiangcheng vitality night" - the first Xiangcheng international culture and art activity month opened in vitality island. In the next month, Xiangcheng's "good drama" invited guests and friends at home and abroad to gather in the beautiful Xiangcheng to explore the generation and brilliance of urban cultural genes.
Reflect the past and present, and give full play to the power of the "big culture" industry
The name of Yangcheng Lake runs through ancient and modern times. As one of the birthplaces of Wu culture, Xiangcheng has a profound historical and cultural background. Shen Zhou, the representative of the Wumen painting school, not only created historical celebrities such as Feng Menglong, the father of popular literature, but also left the imperial furnace gold brick, Yuan hehe 3221 Silk screen, Lumu mud basin, Taiping ship model (ship model), Yangcheng Fishing Song, Weitang Qin and bow and other cultural heritages. Walking out of history and in prosperity, Xiangcheng, now located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle and the geographical center of Suzhou urban area, has juxtaposed "great culture" as the common development of the three industries, realizing the brilliance of modernity and classics.
The first Xiangcheng international culture and art activity month, according to the new goal of "Suzhou regional new center", follows the concept of "integrating ancient and modern, Chinese and western, culture and economy complement each other and benefit from each other", and emphasizes the integrated development of three industries of "great research and development, great culture and great health". Its purpose is to further build the night economic brand of "Suzhou 8:30, Xiangcheng vitality night", Comprehensively display the surging power of Xiangcheng's industrial development in recent years and the charm of Xiangcheng on the international stage. The "leader" Xiangcheng's rapid economic development, scientific and technological progress and ecological livability in the environment show strong confidence in culture.
At the opening ceremony, Gu Haidong, Secretary of Xiangcheng District Party committee, has integrated the economic construction, urban development and cultural construction of Xiangcheng in recent years, opened up the road of comprehensive revitalization, fully demonstrated the new advantages of "open Xiangcheng" through this international cultural event, further demonstrated the new image of "dynamic Xiangcheng", comprehensively presented the new style of "charming Xiangcheng", and constantly increased the new emphasis of "happy Xiangcheng", And widely released the "invitation letter", so that new and old friends can come to Xiangcheng, feel the "temperature" and "enthusiasm" of the city's development, feel the form, taste and express the hope that you can experience the beautiful Xiangcheng with texture.
According to reports, in recent years, in order to put cultural construction in a prominent position, Xiangcheng is committed to making unique Xiangcheng cultural business cards. It has successively introduced Taifeng culture, Huahuang film, red whale video, fantasy video games and other famous cultural enterprises, which has greatly developed the "big culture" industry. At the same time, the cultural industry platform has been highly built, and the national Yangcheng Lake digital cultural and Creative Industry Park, Suzhou Xiangcheng film and television industry park, E-sports Industry Park, Suzhou 179 yuan Hetang science and technology cultural and creative industry belt have been continuously strengthened. Since the launch of "Grand Canal night", "Grand Canal night" and "Grand Canal night", a series of activities have become more and more vigorous.
Please experience the activity of 4 topic 16
The first Xiangcheng international culture and art activity month will be held from September 15 to October 15. In one month's time, Xiangcheng has carried out high-level international cultural and artistic activities in Xiangcheng District around the four themes of "like heaven, law and earth, ancient and modern", "seeing beauty through water", "youth leap and vitality", "science and technology wisdom and development", and 16 high standards, such as 2020 Yangcheng Lake Shanghai crab fishing festival, the first golden autumn international dragon race, 2020 Feng Menglong integrity culture forum and Jiangsu provincial competition of alliance legend city conference. It covers sports, art, food, shopping, creativity and other fields, and focuses on the beauty of Xiangcheng culture, cultural tourism, science and technology and vitality.
Xiangcheng District has vertical and horizontal rivers, vast swamps and distinctive water Township characteristics. It is connected to Yangcheng Lake in the East and Taihu Lake in the West. It has nearly 70% of the water surface of Yangcheng Lake. Shengze lake, lake, Chunshen lake, Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and other lakes complement each other with rivers. In recent years, with the accelerated integration of culture and tourism, Xiangcheng has also seen "instagram" scenic spots such as Suzhou Yulu BRICs Museum, "the world's most beautiful passenger station" Yangcheng Lake tourism distribution center, vitality Island night market, Wangting Canal Park, Suzhou second library, Suzhou second workers' Cultural Palace and so on.
Now Xiangcheng has created a brand-new era around new cultural tourism, new experience, new life, new definition and new goals, showing the charm and vitality of Xiangcheng cultural tourism. At the opening ceremony, the "ten lakes and ten scenic spots" cultural and sports sightseeing landmark award with the theme of "encounter with the unknown beauty" was officially opened, allowing tourists to "enjoy" the beauty of Xiangcheng and act as a "recommender". Please share the complex commercial facilities, libraries, museums, art galleries, gymnasiums Night markets and other landmarks. There is a chance to win ten "luxury" prizes.
In recent years, Suzhou Xiangcheng has seized the opportunity to actively plan the integrated development path of cultural tourism industry with the integration of the Yangtze River Delta as the background. At present, the main tourist attractions in Xiangcheng have been registered as the Yangtze River Delta pass tourist card (valid for one year). During the first Xiangcheng international culture and art activity month, tourists from the Yangtze River Delta can visit Xiangcheng freely as long as they hold this card.
The new "night" speculation atmosphere of Xiangcheng with four themes
The public performance of intangible cultural heritage, international talk show, musical, lantern show, fashion show and cool ice show. The opening ceremony played a symphony of cultural tourism integration and cultural and economic harmony night with the themes of "intoxication, charm", "beauty, integration", "phase · future" and "City · take-off". The cultural charm was used to stimulate economic vitality and decorate the new "night" of Xiangcheng.
Give full play to the cultural characteristics of the south of the Yangtze River and integrate traditional and modern literary and artistic performances, so that the audience can enjoy an international, beautiful and unique visual cultural feast from zero distance. Yuyao gold mine, which integrates national intangible cultural property 2996ut; The large-scale musical shows of dance, yuan and weaving derived from manufacturing technology have brought simple and modern visual enjoyment to citizens and tourists. The interaction between people and displays and interesting performances full of sense of science and technology show the new achievements of the "six future industries" in the new era to support the high-quality development of Xiangcheng. A commentary play sang the unique charm of Jiangnan Water Town in Wu's soft language, showed the beauty of the combination of Chinese and Western art with music rhythm and dance enthusiasm, and also played the dynamic movement of "Gusu 8:30 · Xiangcheng vitality night".
Cultural cities are represented by creativity. At the opening ceremony, accompanied by a passionate fashion show, in order to further display Xiangcheng's pearl culture and improve the industrialization level of intangible cultural property, the 2020 Suzhou Xiangcheng international fashion jewelry design festival was held as scheduled. As a part of the promotion of characteristic cultural brands, Xiangcheng's cultural brands are "each show their magic power (give play to their own true colors)". With the concept of "city is travel, travel is life", they appeal for their own characteristic cultural brands to appear on the stage, and Xiangcheng culture with a long history has also injected the "source" of the new era.
In addition, in order to build a big IP for vitality Island cultural tourism and promote the new brand of Xiangcheng night cultural tourism, Xiangcheng District also released the "heat island upgrading plan" that night. From the perspective of the future and the concept of Lohans, around the "four seasons encounter of vitality island", combined with the four themes of "spring art, summer waves, autumn joy and winter warmth", create an activity atmosphere of "festivals every month and hot spots in every season", and build two product groups in space to form a "one axis, one ring and multi-point" spatial structure with Huayuan road and vitality ring as the core. The goal is to gradually improve and improve the transportation facilities, night tourism routes, sign systems and supporting facilities of vitality island and its surrounding areas in the past five years, attract more than 5 million tourists, build vitality island into the first "night market" brand in China, become the super popular night economic concentration area of Suzhou and a well-known tourism destination at home and abroad.
As a grand event of international cultural exchange, at the venue of the opening ceremony, students at home and abroad with different skin colors, national boundaries and cultures exchanged with Chinese gongs and drums, appetizer bread, humorous talk shows and fashionable plastic wrap. They saw, heard and shared their feelings in Xiangcheng, showing the diversified, international and artistic side of Xiangcheng. In addition, on the basis of gourmet and cultural exchanges, a bridge of China Japan cooperation was built to support the development of China Japan (Suzhou) local cooperative development demonstration area. The naive and lovely image of Shanghai crab appeared at the activity site for the first time, vividly and interestingly telling the anecdote of China Japan Friendship of "friends from afar". (Huang Mei)