Suzhou Jiushu · Forest Secret Theme Resort

At the bank of Suzhou West Taihu Lake, there is a forest covering an area 120,000m2, in which Suzhou Jiushu brand has spread the seed of idealism in 2016.

In the resort, three kinds of accommodation experience space have been built: the waterside villanette type “Waterfront Tree”, the forest log cabin type “Cloud Tip Tree” and “Creek Inquiry Tree”, which is closer to the Creek Inquiry Area and has 32 guestrooms totally.

All the houses on each tree have glass roof in which you may lie in bed or bathtub, watch the starry sky, and appreciate scenery; a half of the house is indoor and the other half is the balcony beside trees with an open door and by sitting in air, you seem to the king of a floating forest.

Standing at the bank of West Taihu Lake, Suzhou Jiushu · Forest Secret Theme Resort is located in the ecological preservation area 1km along Taihu Lake and is adjacent to the garden expo park.

In the area of 120,000m2, the forest coverage rate is over 90% and the rain lakes, clear creeks and quiet rivers surround naturally inside. With the forest as carrier and by following the idealism to exist with the natural in harmony, here it has been built as a resort integrating the four in terms of natural living, catering & leisure, accommodation & hot spring and humane ecology, providing multiaspect forest experience to tourists.