Intangible Cultural Heritage – Random-needle Embroidery of Changzhou

Changzhou Random-needle Embroidery, also known as Zhengze Embroidery and Brocade Embroidery, is listed among the five most famous embroideries in China. The most valuable technique of this embroidery lies in “random”. But it does not mean disorder, with logic and rules still there. Overall, the styles should match, but in terms of details, you will see diverse and tiny changes. By combining elements of sketch and oil painting, the needles and lines are used as pen to expresses different feelings and meanings. The application of various techniques makes it possible for the final embroidery works to have smooth lines, rich colors and vivid display as art pieces. Compared with oil paintings, a similar but different art form, the colors in Random-needle Embroidery is are often much brighter and more gorgeous.