Nanjing Treasure Ship Ruins Park 南京宝船厂遗址公园

Located on the ruins of Longjiang Treasure Shipyard 600 years ago, the Treasure Ship Ruins Park is a large-scale heritage park which is invested and developed by Nanjing for the purpose of commemorating the 600th anniversary of Zheng He’s Expedition, setting tourism, memorial, exhibition, leisure as one. The total investment is 600 million yuan. The first phase of the project was completed and opened in July 2005. Its three remaining reservoirs are the shipyard sites of the 600-year-old treasure shipyard. It is currently a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit.

There is a tall archway at the gate of the scenic spot. The overall style is the architectural feature of Ming Dynasty. It is the landmark building reflecting the theme of the scenic spot.On the horizontal board in the center of the archway, there is written “the Site of the Treasure Shipyard”, which is inscribed by the calligrapher Zhongqi Wu.

After 600 years of historical changes, there are only three ancient shipyards left in Treasure Shipyard, covering an area of 200 mu, but it is still the largest ancient shipyard site in the history of wooden ship construction in the world. An antique treasure ship designed and built according to the size of medium treasure ship in Zhenghe’s fleet, is seven stories high and is the most representative ship type in Zhenghe’s fleet. The simulated treasure ship is said to be the world’s largest model of an antique wooden sailing ship.

Address: 57 Lijiang Road, Gulou District

Transportation: No. 47, 72, 133, 307, 143, D1, Bao Shipyard Site Park Station

Opening time: 8: 30—17: 00

Free time: 7.11 China Sailing Day each year

Weekday fare: 30 yuan