Nantong City Dream Garden

Nantong flickers between the Yangtze River Estuary, the Yangtze River and the Yellow Sea in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, between the "golden waterway" and the "Golden Coast". Although there are no mountains and precious scenery, the streets are full of green. The winding moat surrounds the streets, and you can see the brilliance hidden in the conservative streets.

Intercontinental Green Expo Park
Intercontinental Green Expo Park shows precious plants from all over the world, and each plant has a moving story. There is an animation like cactus model at the entrance, which makes the children very happy. There are fountains around the larger globe and music to form a curtain of water, which makes the mood of visiting the botanical garden even higher.

In the tropical rain forest Pavilion, the lush tropical trees in the river form an environment imitating the Amazon River, and dozens of tropical fruits are bred in an artificial greenhouse made of glass. Through the garden path of Chinese style, next is the sandy plant area, which gathers sandy plants all over the world. Each region is a completely different world, rich in colors, waterfalls and droplets, the valley bottom is surrounded by silence, the fragrance of flowers overflows, and all kinds of amazing worlds are spreading.
Although Nantong is located in the northern hemisphere, it uses the latest technology and wisdom to show people living in cities plants around the world, which can quietly heal people who live a busy life every day.

Stingy garden is the largest natural botanical garden in Nantong, with 200 rare plants such as fried dough twist and Taiwania. The total number is more than tens of thousands of shares. The high-quality air here has become the "natural oxygen bar" of Nantong with high negative ion content.

In addition, it is also the place where Zhang Gao, a politician active in the late Qing Dynasty, slept forever. Zhang Qian built many schools and factories in Nantong. The concept of "saving the country by industry" advocated by him had a great impact on the development of industry and education in modern China. He also paid attention to the importance of urban trees, urged students to participate in tree planting activities, and made the construction of plant experimental facilities and "plant day" and other activities rooted in China. Nantong people inherited his idea and established a volunteer tree planting center in stingy garden. Many Nantong citizens come here for tree planting activities.