Come and travel to Jiangba this weekend!

In early autumn, choose to visit Jiangba on a leisure weekend. Here, one person can freely meditate, two people hold hands to enjoy the romance, a crow can enjoy a revelry, everything is just right.

Due to its unique geographical location and beautiful lakeside scenery with abundant tourism resources. Jiangba Town has a Dike Scenery Zone of nearly a hundred miles, the internationally known Sanhe Gate, and the ancient dike with a history of over 1,700 years. The numerous historical sites in Huaihe contain rich agricultural and water culture connotations.

Jiangba Food Culture is unique in Huaiyang Cuisine. Jiangba Fish Ball, without equal in the world, which is called “the best food in the world” by Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. There are also many traditional dishes like braised liver and intestines, crab-boiled tofu, soft-pocket eel, pot-stewed meat or fowl, etc.

Moreover, Jiangba Town is characterized by many guesthouses, which can also pacify your tired body and mind. The tourists can choose to read books, draw paintings or enjoy tea in the courtyard. In a sunny day, one listens to the whisper of breeze; In a rainy day, people can experience the music from the nature.