Yancheng Dafeng Eco Village 盐城大丰荷兰花海

Yancheng Dafeng Eco Village, located in Xinfeng Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng, is a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

Based on the farmland and water planning of Dutch water expert, Terek, in 1919,  this eco village strives to create the “China’s Best flower sea” with the largest area and the largest variety of tulips in China.

For the first time this year, nearly 100,000 tulips and thousands of acres of lilies have been blooming at the same time in China, so there are many tourists coming from home and abroad.

The village has met a full range of requirements for tourists to eat, stay, transport, sightseeing, purchase and entertain, and built the Dutch Flower Market, Yangjiao Village Restaurant, Kaixixi Restaurant, Dutch Style Street, Art Center, etc. Besides, it also has the Visitor Center and tourist facilities such as hot spring resort, Amsterdam hotel, international cinema, tourist car, kayaking, speedboat.