“Indulgent” Summer Look for Coolness in Dazong Lake in Yancheng

The Dazong Lake Tourist Resort is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and is known as the “Water Resort”. In summer, the Dazong Lake is ecologically beautiful with clear water, lush grass, and fresh air. The monitoring results show that the air in Dazong Lake has more than 6,200 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, which is dozens of times of that in urban air and extremely beneficial to human body, both physically and mentally. Therefore, this place is known as the best place for lung cleanse and health in northern Jiangsu.



Labyrinth of Reeds

The scenic spot of Dazong Lake features the grand water. Most activities of this tourist attraction are closely related to the Lake. It is really a proper summer resort for staying cool, as the reed maze can reduce the ambient temperature by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. Rowing a small boat on the Lake is just enchanting and cozy.

Reed maze adventure is probably the most intriguing activity among tourists. 33 branches and 66 waterways form a matrix, like the Chinese Bagua (eight-diagram) tactics. It is always appealing to take a deep breath of the fragrance in the botanic community. When you row the boat deep into the reed, you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Call devices are equipped for each boat and a pilot boat will be sent. Float with the water flow when you feel fatigue, which is also a good way of appreciating the beauty of the summer wetland of reeds. Waterfowls and fish are disturbed by coming boats from time to time, and occasionally, a bold egret would jump onto the bow and soar up into the clear sky, and adorable mallards may swim alongside boats. It you’re lucky enough, carps may jump onto the boat deck, which is considered a good omen in Chinese culture.

Dazong Lake is divided into the inner and the outer lakes with most of the attractions in the inner lake. When getting off board to the shore, one can take a stroll on the dyke. The delicate inner lake and the vast outer lake shall present visitors with strong contrast. For those with a loose schedule, they can board on a cruise from the pier just close to the dyke for the outer lake. They will definitely have a poetic journey and enjoy the grand landscape.


Green Hill Camp

If you would like to have an alternative experience of featured recreational vehicle instead of common hotels, Green Hill Camp of Dazong Lake can be the preferred option. It is in fact the first of its kind in northern Jiangsu Province. Located in the Dazong Lake Resort of Yancheng city, it is comprised of the Recreational Vehicle Zone, Log Cabin Zone, Shelter Zone and Tent Zone. There are 6 recreational vehicles, 3 log cabins and 12 shelters. A Tourist Center and BBQ catering services are set to make the camp life much easier.

The Green Hill Camp enables visitors to have closer contact with nature by availing resources of the lake and wetland. Everyone can get emerged into the wild. In summer, the common practice is to tour around the lake in the daytime and to stay dined, wined and chatty in the night. The summer vacation here helps people get away from the troubles and stress, as well as the heat while allows for a complete relaxation. It is just like in the deep forest where one can breathe in and out the primitive air of the nature.



Dongjin Water Town

The Dongjin Water Town locates just east to Dazong Lake Resort. The style of the town derives from Hui Style architecture that were prominent in Song, Ming and Qing dynasties. A touch of renewed Chinese style is used for commercial complex, such as Jian’an (a vital city for Jin dynasty) Avenue of residential quarters, the busy “Song Street”, and “Minguo Square” (Minguo, a sovereign state between 1912-1949) of unique cultural elements. The kaleidoscopic historic features displayed allow tourists to travel back and forth in terms of time and space.

Gui Yuan (Seclusion Gardens) is an unmissable place in the water town. “Gui” means seeking for a hermit life and making no more useless social contact with the secular world. Six independent yards of reposition are named as Tingzhu (sound of bamboo grove), Fumei (verses of plums), Pinlan (admiration for orchid), Caiju (chrysanthemum picking), Tianju (pastorale life) and Yaju (elegant residence) and ornamented accordingly. There are representative small bridges, ponds, pavilions, trees, bamboo, black granite slates and other traditional elements are properly arranged. The surrounding is designed with both unsophisticated pastoral style and modern creative design.