Dongtai, Delightful Natural Landscape Throughout Seasons

In the early autumn of September, Dongtai by the Yellow Sea would be full of beautiful scenery, including dense forests covering thousands of hectares, colorful fallen leaves in the botanical garden, as well as dancing birds on the beach on a magnificent scale… Dongtai can always make your autumn trip pleasant.

Panoramic View to Enjoy Autumnal Scenery / Huanghai Forest Park

Dongtai Huanghai Forest Park is the largest plain forest park in East China. The scenery in the park is distinct from season to season, especially in autumn, when innumerable trees with light yellow leaves present a unique scene for panoramic view. Such autumn scenery is often accompanied by a light rain, as well as frost and dew overnight which comes softly and naturally. After the autumn rain, tree tips of the dense forest in the park gradually become yellow, so without even been noticed, the whole park is full of this yellow color, forming a typical view of autumn.

A Garden Full of Beauty / Xixi Botanic Garden

In autumn, the vegetation scenery decorated by the red of vast land of maple leaves is overwhelmingly eye-catching, depicting the romance of the season; the golden leaves of ginkgo blown by the wind slightly over the forest tip form an amazingly beautiful picture; various autumn flowers in purple, pink and crimson such as zinnias and marigolds in full bloom are just like elements in oil paintings; evergreen pine trees stand tall enhance the autumn color of the park like a green barrier, reinforcing the infinite vitality in the park. In addition to the natural beauty in autumn, the picking garden, seedling center, and agricultural exhibition hall in the park with fragrant fruits highlight the achievements and charm of modern agriculture. In the evening, the autumn sunset incarnadines the entire sky, reflecting into the artificial fairy lake; wild birds strolling around the lake and living in the park temporarily remind of the artistic conception of a famous poem, “Sunset clouds float with the lone wild ducks, the autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky”, making visitors fascinated by the autumn scenery in this park.

Paradise for Birds with Gorgeous Wormwood / Tiaozini Wetlands

Tiaozini, located on the south side of the Yellow Sea Ecological Zone, is the world’s largest intertidal wetland. On this natural ecological pure land, there are densely distributed wormwood beaches. Boundless red wormwoods here in late autumn present an overwhelmingly beautiful scene. Decorated by the fiery red salt wormwood beach, the Tiaozini wetland has shown the unique landform. It is as if a palette of nature, turning the beach of Yellow Sea into a breath-taking and charming picture that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Thanks to the unique geological structure of Tiaozini, hundreds of species of benthic organisms such as crabs and clams here attract millions of migratory birds from the East Asia-Australia route, one of the world’s eight major migration routes for birds. After a long journey, the birds rest and forage here. These birds flock and fly as the tide and wave comes and goes, forming a truly magnificent scene.