Lianyungang Seafood 连云港海鲜

Lianyungang is a coastal city with mountains, seas, ports, islands and towns. Due to its mild marine climate, Lianyungang is home to the Haizhou Bay fishery in the intersection area between temperate and subtropical regions. The seafood is various and delicious.

In hot summer, people are more tired of eating and drinking greasily, so the seafood becomes the protagonist. The freshness is the most important thing for people to eat seafood in Lianyugang. Precisely, in local people’s opinion, the original flavor is the point of fresh food.

The best way of cooking perches and groupers is steaming.

Brine shrimp is a famous cuisine in Lianyungang. The shrimp, boiled with salt water, is cooked just right, paddy and juicy, which deeps on the fire.

Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Scallion, Fried Corydalis, Boiled Octopus with sauce, Abalone…… Different restaurants has different cooking methods and styles.

Xugou Seafood Street is the largest seafood destination in Lianyungang. After finishing the order, you will have the delicious seafood on the table just a moment.

Wanrun Seafood Steet is the largest seafood gathering place in the downtown area, whose attendance rate is also very high. You can select the seafood whatever in the aquarium by yourself.