Eight Delicacies of Chaohe

Guanyun County, Lianyungang is on the north of the great Guanhe River, and the south of the famous Yuntai Mountain. The Chaohe Bay boasts a beautiful scenery and clear water from the Chaohe River, which is rich in natural aquatic products, including fish, shrimp, clams, and snails with tender flesh, good taste and abundant nutriments. The Eight Delicacies of Chaohe include Chaohe Braised Fish Head in Casserole, Chaohe Braised Big Fish, Chaohe Jiuwan Qiongjiang (Clam Soup), Chaohe Fairy Clams, Chaohe Scalded Freshwater Shrimp, Chaohe Turtle Soup, Chaohe Yellow Head Catfish, Chaohe Secretly-made Snails. The ingredients are all collected from Chaohe River, which are extraordinarily delicious. Welcome to visit Chaohe River to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the wetland, taste the eight delicacies, and learn about the stories behind them.