Yixing Clay Teapot

Chinese people love to drink tea since ancient times, and they are also very particular about the tea set for making tea. Making tea in a purple sand pot does not take away the true fragrance of the tea, but can maintain the color, aroma and taste of the tea for a long time. Yixing clay teapot in Jiangsu is the most outstanding one. The particularity of the clay makes it boast good air breathability. It has double pores, which can absorb the miscellaneous taste of tea soup, and has a certain modification effect.

In addition to tasting tea, scholars in the past also wrote poems and painted on the purple sand pots together with the pot maker, giving full play to their imagination and creativity, making unique and colorful purple sand pots. An exquisite purple clay teapot combines both practicability and artistry, and integration of vision and taste help your tea-tasting experience reach the style of ancient times.