Intangible cultural heritage update: velvet flower production techniques

Nanjing velvet flower has a very long history. It is said that as early as the Tang Dynasty during Wu Zetian’s reign, the velvet flower had been listed as the royal tribute. The whole body of velvet works is fine velvet, which feels good, exquisite and delicate. The most prominent artistic characteristics lie in rich colors, exquisite shapes and auspicious meanings. It uses exaggerated deformation technique, shaping the vivid image of the tube practice, showing the lively and exquisite, interesting expression.

Breed of flannelette is very much, have hair on the temples to spend, cap to spend, corset to spend, drama to spend, among them with hair on the temples to spend most get people favor, or decorate indoor with flannelette. Velvet flower is homophonic to “Rong Hua(Prosperity)”, contains auspicious, blessing meaning. Folk event three festivals (wedding, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) generally useful velvet flower decoration custom, so as to pray for good fortune, ward off evil spirits.

The theme of Nanjing velvet flower comes from the popular things among the people. It uses the well-known auspicious language and adopts the technique of combining physical homophony with artistic image to express people’s desire for a better life. Its rich folk color and local flavor, outstanding performance of national art characteristics.