Children's Blowing Fun: Tai-ping Ni-jiaojiao

In addition to porcelain and pottery, clay is also used to make interesting toys by Jiangsu artisans. Originating from Zhenjiang, Tai-ping Ni-jiaojiao is manually made from the yellow clay from Huashan Mountain in the shapes of birds and animals, flowers, fish and insects. A mouth hole is drilled on the clay toy which is then dried and baked. This ocarina-like toy can be blown and make a sound by children to drive away mishap and keep everyone safe. Although small, Tai-ping Ni-jiaojiao is a toy full of history and culture that combines folk wisdom and customs. It carries people’s beautiful dreams and gratitude to peace, and is the childhood memories of several generations.

(Picture from: Encounter of Intangible Cultural Heritage)