Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|The Forbidden City and the Grand Canal

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Exhibition Introduction: Since the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, the more than 3,000-kilometer-long Grand Canal has become China’s most important economic artery, and various materials needed by the capital city, especially the Forbidden City, mostly come from here. “The Forbidden City and the Grand Canal” is divided into two parts: “The Canal Floats to the Forbidden City” and “The World’s Beautiful Things Gather in the Palace”, which explains the close relationship between the construction of the Forbidden City and the Grand Canal, and presents moments of Qing Dynasty court life to the audience through cultural relics such as porcelain, lacquerware, and jade from the northward court. At the same time, the exhibition pays attention to transparent connections and integrated scenery in space, cleverly uses architectural elements of the Forbidden City, simplifies complexity, and displays the magnificent beauty of the Forbidden Palace through a transparent spatial design.

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