Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|World Famous Canals and Canal Cities

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Exhibition Introduction: “Canals” are cultural heritages of global significance. In addition to the Grand Canal of China, over the past more than 2,500 years, more than 500 well-known canals have been excavated worldwide, giving birth to more than 3,000 cities with canal cultural genes. “World Famous Canals and Canal Cities” takes canals as the link and canal cities with common canal cultural genes and identity recognition as the main body. It explores the origins of world canals and interprets the characteristics of canal cities from three aspects: world heritage, wisdom of water conservancy, and urban style. The exhibition hall has selected 15 representative canals, including 6 World Heritage canals, to elaborate on the heritage value of world canals. The 15 representative cities born because of the canals spread across five continents and directly reflect the profound impact of canals on social development, natural ecology, and human environment.

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