Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|Giorgio Morandi

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Exhibition Introduction: China Grand Canal Museum works with National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, IMAGO Art Gallery, and Giovanardi Collection to launch the major art exhibition of the year-Giorgio Morandi in July 2023, to present the Italian painter who had lived a secluded life with his bottles and vases. Since its establishment, China Grand Canal Museum in Yangzhou has taken foreign exchanges and mutual learning as an important mission of the museum.For this reason, China Grand Canal Museum is introducing the international art exhibition for the “Canal City Art Series” for the first time, so as to let more Chinese audiences know Giorgio Morandi better and enable them to quietly observe the shades, lights and hues in his rendering and perceive the true meaning of art in his still lifes by having a close dialogue with the modern maestro.Welcome to the poetic art world of Giorgio Morandi.

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