Online exhibition at the China Grand Canal Museum|The Way of Molten Copper:Zhu Bingren's Copper Art

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Exhibition Introduction: Copper, as one of the frst metals discovered and used by mankind, has been forged and molten for thousands of years. Bronze artifacts have become an important symbol of ancient Chinese civilization. The “life” of copper has been fowing and transforming for thousands of years, and up till today, it’s still being renewed and revitalized through inheritance and innovation.Mr. Zhu Bingren, who grew up on the banks of the Grand Canal, is one of the “Three Masters of the Canal” who pioneered the application of China’s Grand Canal for the World Heritage site, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, the father of Chinese contemporary copper architecture, the inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage, and the founder of melting copper art. It is a great honor to have Mr. Zhu Bingren participating in the “Canal Heritage” series of special exhibitions at the China Grand Canal Museum. The exhibition will showcase the unique charms of the inheritance and innovation of the Chinese Grand Canal and tell the story of how copper can be transformed into new art forms through the innovation of contemporary masters of the National Cultural Heritage, even though copper had been used for thousands of years.

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