Perfect Time to Start an Autumn Tour to Maoshan Mountain for Beautiful Scenery

The blessed Maoshan Mountain is covered in autumn colors, and the scenery is just perfect. The woods offer cool oxygen for your breathing together with natural refreshment. Come to the Xike Spring to experience the oddity of shouting spring. Walking along the "Extraordinary Path" towards the palace at the top, you can enjoy the fantastic green scenery of Maoshan Mountain along the way. On the Happiness Path, you can always encounter surprises at the twists and turns.




The maple leaves of Maoshan Mountain turn red in autumn. White clouds swirling in the sky and red leaves reflected on the blue waves is a perfect description of Moushan Mountain in autumn. Wild flowers, grasses and fruits can be seen everywhere, making the colors of the season no longer monotonous, just like a colorful fairy tale world.