Jiangsu – Tour to "Enjoy the Autumn Beauty in Countryside, and Walk the Trails Covered in Green and Yellow"

Characteristics of the Route:

Autumn is a busy time for harvesting, while the fish is fat and rice and fruits are fragrant. The route connects Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou to let tourists enjoy beautiful autumn scenery, food and various agricultural experiences. It integrates farming experience, festival, field science education, great food, cultural exploration and leisure, in a slowly unfolding picture scroll of vitality and joy as well as rural revitalization. Tourists can experience the cultural beauty along the rivers while sightseeing the golden views of the countryside.


Day 1: Shitang Village, Nanjing→Huanglongxian Tea & Culture Village, Nanjing

Day 2: Wutao Village, Zhenjiang →Gaoyang Village, Yangzhou →Huaisi Town, Yangzhou

Best time to visit: September-November

Route highlights:

Shitang Village, Nanjing

As an ancient village surrounded by green hills at the junction of Suzhou and Anhui, Shitang Village has the natural scenery of tea mountains and bamboo sea, as well as the cultural landscape of black bricks and small tiles with corbie gables. Nowadays, Shitang Village has become a rural cultural tourism project integrating homestay, agritainment and eco-park. Shitang specialties, such as Shitang Hot Pot, Shitang Grilled Fish, Shitang Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage, Shitang Tofu Pudding, Shitang Tofu Soup and so on, have unique flavors, and are delicious and popular among tourists.



Huanglongxian Tea & Culture Village, Nanjing

Huanglongxian is an ecological garden-style residential community with green landscape all year round and colorful seasons where birds twitter and flowers give forth their fragrance. Around October every year is the time to pick autumn tea, visitors can pick autumn tea, taste tea, solve tea riddles, watch tea art, participate in tea making and other farming experience, explore the beauty of nature and culture, and appreciate the different craftsmanship and heritage in Huanglongxian.



Wutao Village, Zhenjiang

Wutao Village is rich in citrus resources. In order to create "the citrus is ripe, the river is beautiful" citrus festival and tourism festival brand, the village has held 12 consecutive citrus festivals to attract tourists to travel and vacation.



Gaoyang Village, Yangzhou

Gaoyang Village is a key village for rural tourism in Jiangsu Province. With the rapid development of agriculture, harmonious ecology, and close-to-nature leisure tourism, Wuqiao Vegetable and Fruit Base covers 494 acres and has an annual output of 15,000 tons of high-quality fruits and vegetables. Visitors can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, pick melons and fruits in the agricultural garden, and then try the farm food in Baita River Farm, enjoying the idyllic life and experiencing the joy of harvest.



Huaisi Town, Yangzhou

Huaisi Town boasts the Grand Canal Ecological and Cultural Park, Jiudian Winery, Xuxiang Village Vegetable Base, Tuanjie Village Fig Picking Base, and Linqiao Village Fruit and Vegetable Huaisi Base. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful countryside and experience the charm of the water town by the Canal as well as buy agricultural products.